This episode was recorded "on location" in Seattle, Washington. Tim and Renee chat about their trip to Seattle, where Tim will be presenting as part of Photoshop Week hosted by Creative Live. They also talk about some of the photographic opportunities they've been taking advantage of in Seattle. They then address questions from photographers about Photoshop PSD file size, uncoated matte papers, missing location metadata, removing moiré patterns in photos, and "exposing to the right".

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Tim and Renee chat about not getting the photos that were expected during a trip last week to a tropical beach, and how that might have benefited the photography experience during the trip. They then address questions from photographers about the new Canon EOS 5DS R without a low pass filter, the appearance of color fringing that Lightroom only automatically corrected for two out of three photos, using Dropbox to synchronize a Lightroom catalog, Smart Sharpen settings in Photoshop, and processing with Adobe Camera Raw versus the Camera Raw filter in Photoshop.

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Tim and Renee chat about a new "Quick Answer" feature in the Ask Tim Grey eNewsletter. They then address questions from photographers about adjusting monitor brightness, metadata for video captures, display calibration recommendations, brightening an image for printing, and resolution required for printing.

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